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Since inception, SMIHost.com has been recognized by our client in terms of reliability and innovation. We employ a small but effective team of professionals who are truly team players and qualified with many years of Internet experience. Working together, we always aim to deliver the best for our client in accordance to their objectives.

We provide complete web design, high-quality internet hosting solutions and online marketing solutions for small businesses, professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations. We help you to build an online presence, in the communities that you serve or has intentions to reach out. This is done through quality design and programming, reliable web/email hosting services and comprehensive online marketing strategies.

To best describe on what we do, you may think about 4 simple steps to obtain your online presence.

1. Domain

It is not hard to get a domain registered. But how about to “maintain” it? Domain is not expensive but it is the most important “asset” of your website. If you forget to renew your domain, that is going to be your biggest lost. Therefore, our online billing system will take care of that.

Invoices for domain renewal will be generate 60 days before your domain’s expiry date. 3 reminders will be send out so you won’t miss out on such important issue. Besides, you may add additional contact email address to your profile so if the invoice does not reach you on the main contact email, you still got it on the other one.

2. Hosting

cPanel Shared Linux hosting. This is the only hosting platform we provide. Nothing much as we are not the main player for hosting. Just what is sufficient enough for our client.

3. Web Development

Ready Made Design ( Template )

Fast, cost effective and less hassle. Just pick a design from our data base, plan your site map together with information ready. We can proceed right a way to implement and add your info into the template you’ve chosen.

What’s the big deal?? Just imagine, you may get a design which worth USD 3,000 and above but only at USD 60. How can that be? Simple, we provide “shared” license which template may be bought by other people after you do that. But it doesn’t mean you site will be same as other because you product or services are not. Besides, you may always go for unique price ( buy off ) if you are interested. Once purchased, the template will be removed from our data base and no one else can get it after you.

Taylor Made Design

If you really want something exclusive and represent your company best, this is what you need. But prepare to get yourself in hassle as we definitely need to understand your requirement in detail. Discussions, meetings and visuals….. as custom design which suit only best for you will not prompt out in middle of no where.

Web application

A website without function might not be something you want. By coming a good interface design for your website, we do want you to be hassle free by skipping all the communication with us if you got anything to be update to your site. Therefore, you may implement some web application such as E-catalogue, Photo or Video Gallery Management, News and Events, Facebook etc. With these modules, you may manage or update the site by your own.

4. Online Marketing

Although there are many ways to manage your marketing campaign, we are currently only focus on one which is email marketing. By providing you a good email gateway system, it helps to save no matter on your cost but also on your time as it is the easiest and fastest way to get connect with your target audience by using email.